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Dice is an easy way to double your assets. You simply place a bet and if you are lucky, you double it. But there are restrictions! For example, you cannot bet more than 700 XRP in one bet.

So to play:

  1. Select the token you are interested in and enter the bet amount.
  2. Choose what range your number will be in. (by default your chance of winning is 47%. If you have Magnetic NFT, the chance increases to 49.9%).
  3. Wait for the result and, if you win, your bet will double.


When you place any dice bet, you have a 1/10,000 chance of winning the jackpot! The jackpot has a different amount each time. At the time of writing ~1000 XRP. You win the jackpot if you roll the number 77.77. Even if your bet loses, but the result is 77.77, you win the jackpot. All prizes will be automatically sent to your wallet, and on the website you will see congratulations on your victory.

You can also view statistics of all jackpots and game history in the corresponding sections.