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Automining is an alternative method of mining, where the rewards are higher and the conditions are simpler.

All you need to do is just go to the automining page and subscribe to the pool you are interested in. It will immediately show how many tokens will be purchased and what total reward you will receive.

Automining works in such a way that a trading bot, instead of you, buys tokens for the required amount every hour and sends them to you plus a reward for mining. This way you can mine without any effort. Just choose the number of blocks and sign the transaction in XUMM.

Your autominer subscription can be renewed or canceled (the balance will be returned back to you) at any time. The rewards for automining are indeed higher than the rewards for regular mining. If you do not have AutoNFT (more details below), you will already receive 15% more reward than for regular mining!


Now let's talk about AutoNFT. They multiply your current reward by a certain factor. That is, if your reward in regular mining = 2 XRP, then in automining your reward will be multiplied by a coefficient. For example, with nft AutoEpic coefficient = 1.8, that is, your reward will be 2 * 1.8 = 3.6 XRP (+80%!)
Reward table for AutoNFT:

  • Without AutoNFT: +15% (*1.15)
  • AutoCommon: +30% (*1.3)
  • AutoRare: +50% (*1.5)
  • AutoEpic: +80% (*1.8)
  • AutoLegendary: +100% (*2)
  • AutoMythic: +125% (*2.25)

AutoNFT is a very useful thing that practically doubles any rewards!

You can buy AutoNFT here

Note: AutoNFTs do not stack.